Site in progress and what's with the name anyway?

So I've spent the last week or two putting the site together at the new domain  My former website is at  If its even still up (which I hope it won't be for long), be prepared for a truly ugly web experience.  I'm no web developer.  Thanks to a friend who does web design, she suggested I go with Squarespace so I am giving that a try and so far its been a pretty good experience.  Most everything is click and drag and the settings are pretty easy to figure out although I'm not 100% happy with the overall design, it is so much better then my old site which I believe used frames and some older web tech that maybe scientists used back in the 80's to communicate via what would eventually become the internet we know and love.  And hate.

So why MassiveTree?  To be honest, it means nothing, it holds really no meaning for me personally.  But I liked the sound of it.  I have a friend named Paul (aka Pooby) who has a site and its called bustykelp.  While trying to come up with a new name for my new home on the web, I had to know where the name bustykelp came from, I thought it might give me some insight or inspiration.  After talking with him, the simple answer was, it meant nothing for him either.  It was just something zany or kooky enough to make an interesting site name.  Well I wanted something that invoked an image in my mind, something that was easy to spell (I spent the last 5 years having to spell out my website to everyone I gave it out to and believe me, that gets old pretty quick) and something that sounded vaguely important without being specific.  Enter my new website MassiveTree.